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Monday, November 19, 2012

Weight Watchers fiasco

I have been doing weight Watchers for the last little while and have been making progress. I was down 5 lbs, every thing was going well.

That is until 2 things happened:

1) As you know, one of my best friends (Melissa) died in August of 2006. I was just starting to feel okay about it, like I could handle it much better, when I found out that her parents have decided to move her resting place. I was shaken and unnerved at the thought of this. I don't know what is the truth of why she is being moved either. Either her stone was damaged continuously or her Mother is moving her to prevent certain people from visiting her grave. Whatever the reason, it knocked me off my Weight Watchers wagon.

2) Right on the coat tails of this disaster I got a...lady...visitor. I'm bad enough at that time of the month, add on extreme emotional stress and you have me binge eating. Okay, maybe not BINGE eating but not following what I should be doing to lose weight.

SO, I gained back the 5lbs plus an additional two.

Ay, yi, yi.

Today I am back on track and being super diligent about it. I'm allowed 29 points per day and so far, even though I have eaten quite a bit, I still have 25 points left because I have been snacking on celery and apples instead of Hallowe'en candy.

I am going to play everybody dance while the kids nap, for the cardio work out. As soon as I get a chance, I am going to hook my Wii up to the TV again to do my EA Active 30 day challenge.

I will report back next week, on Wednesday, which is my weigh in day. Hopefully I have good news to report.

If I have time, I may report my daily cardio activity, if anything, to keep me honest and on track.


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