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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Love Amy Seeley!

I discovered this song while watching the latest Canon commercial. LOVE IT! Brings a tear to my eye and makes me warm and fuzzy inside! Thank-you for this beautiful song Amy Seeley! i didn't think words could describe the way I feel when I hold my girls...but here you've gone and done it. Beautiful!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

It's not called fucking X-MAS!!!!

This is the only time I will bring my religious beliefs into my blog. I have had about e-fucking-nough of people writing X-mas on shit! I even saw a store once called "X-mas Planet". Nobody shortens any other religious holiday names! Why do you have to butcher ours? The fact is that Christmas IS the celebration of Christ's birth. End of story! If you are going to celebrate our holiday, at LEAST have the decency to spell the whole this out! It boils my blood to see such blatant disregard for something that REALLY is a big deal. Frankly, those who think it isn't a big deal have no business claiming to celebrate Christmas. let's just call a spade a spade here ok? You don't celebrate Christmas. You give and get presents on December 25th, but nowhere in there do you thank God for sending us Jesus. We sing Happy Birthday to the baby Jesus every Christmas morning with our children. Please show respect. Also? It's NOT Happy Holidays! It's Merry Christmas, it's Happy Chanukah, It's Happy Eid. I am NOT insulted by people saying any of these to me. Nor shoud anyone else. But back to my REAL issue here? CHRISTMAS NOT XMAS!!!!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wal-mart Photo Lab makes my boycot list!

The last four orders we have done at Wal-mart photolab have come out wrong. First they made 4 photo CDs and charged us for them without asking me if I wanted them. I had to FIGHT to get my money back. She "totally remembered me asking for them." I think not. Then the next time I did ask for the discs and one came out blank. Brought that back they said they'd re-do it? STILL came back wrong! Then I ordered our photo Christmas cards and they came out landscape instead of portrait and cut off half the photo. When I went in to complain they said it was my fault! They said however you order them is how they are printed. Even though I printed out the preview of the order and how it looked when I sent it and it was SO not how they came out...STILL my fault! So? I got my money back, re-ordered the cards through Black's even though they are 80 cents more per pic and wrote a complaint to head office. I will update you on the sitch when they contact me back.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Beautiful View Outside my big beautiful picture window.

Isn't this a beautiful view? I get to look at this for days at a time! Nothing says GOOD MORNING like a transport truck, complete with a trucker who SPITS everytime they climb out of this thing! One day they left it idling for -no shitting you- FOUR HOURS! The Cops may have been called that day...we won't say who by. How classy is this? I suuuuuuuuuure hope it's parked there when we decide to sell. WTF PEOPLE??? WTF???

OH! BTW? it belongs to that yellow house you see across the street....areyou NOT capable of parking in front of your OWN house? What's that? You don't want to have to stare at this ugly piece of shit every time you look out your window? Boo fuckin whoo!

Make your OWN damn figgy pudding assholes!!!

Tis' the season to be bitchy. Fa la la la la, la la, fuck you! Every year as the Chrsitmas season begins I have a hard time remembering why, come Christmas day, I am already SO done with the festivities and ready to move on to the boozing of NYE. This year I am documenting it so that, next year, when I wonder again I can just refer back to this.

Our mall had a big "Santa Claus is coming to town" celebration for the first day he would be there for kids to get their pics done with him. I took my 5 year old so she could enjoy the excitment. First mistake. The show was crammed into a small corner of our ridiculously small "mall" and apparently people came from far and wide to enjoy Toopy and Binoo and Santa's arrival. For every child at the show there were also about 4 adults. People brought out mom, dad, gran, gramps, great gran, great gramps and so on. THEN they forget it's REALLY about the kids. There is an area in the front for kids to sit on the floor while they watch, but unless you arrive 6 hours earlier you are never getting to sit there. Then it's standing room from there on back. WELL the people standing in the first row of standing (directly behind CHILDREN sitting on the floor) decided that their children needed to be up on their shoulders so that the kids 10 rows back who really SHOULD be on someone's shoulders can now not even see unless they are hoisted up to the ceiling. The PARENTS are getting mad because THEY not their kids can't see. When did we forget this was SUPPOSED to be for the kids? In fact if I weren't surrounded by small children I probably would have gone all Chuck Norris on the faces of all the idiot parents/grand parents in attendance.
Sitch #2: I am Christmas shopping at Wal-mart (that on it's own is frustrating enough as it is) and about to check out. The girl in front of me at the checkout is with her friends who walk away leaving her to wait on her own, not saying where they are going and knowing full well they are next in line. SO when the cashier gets to her SHE does what any normal person would do, she picks up her stuff and says "I don't know where they are so you might as well go first I will go to the back of the line and wait for them I guess since it's their stuff." WELL!!!! As the cashier starts ringing in my stuff her fucking psychotic friend grabsthe stuff out of the nice girl's hands and waltzes up in front of me and hands the cashier her stuff. She looks at me and says "Honestly! I SO TOLD her I would be right back!" The cashier just looks at her blankly as do I. She says again "Well I told her I would be only 2 minutes." Since Brit was with me I manageed to keep my cool (are we proud?) and said "Well really? Your friend took the stuff and told me to go ahead of her, so I'm sorry but your loss." She knew I was right so instead of telling ME off she FREAKS on her friend. I mean the girl went APE shit. What a fuckin classy broad. There were literally only 2 people behind me in line. Suck it up and learn your lesson. It's not your friend's fault you're a moron!

I'm sure there will be more annoying shit as we are only 17 days away from Christmas. I will keep you posted.

Until then? Is it REALLY too much to ask for a Silent Night?

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hockey Team gets H1N1 vaccine stash.


So because they play for the NHL they get to have priority? I work at a bank and touch money everyday, if anything I would have more chance of coming into contact with it than they do!!!

I have a 4 month old baby, what makes these athletes higher priority??? People are being TURNED AWAY because of a shortage and they get dibbs? That is garbage!

A friend of mine has 2 daughters, only one was able to get the shot while she and the other daughter were turned away. She wants to know who is going to take responsability if she and the other daughter get sick? Who will take care of the one who got the shot?

Damn right the premiere better probe this. I hope someone gets fined all to shit!

So there! :P

Oh my

So the pics above are of "Bottom Boosterz" a "shape enhancing panty". Padded bra for your ass basically! OUTSTANDING! lol

Monday, October 5, 2009

Cover your damn mouth!

I know that the whole H1N1 thing is most likely being blown up to be WAY bigger than it is. I am a rational person. I do not obsess or become "paranoid" about these things. That being said, I have a 5 year old and a three month old and I really would like to avoid them getting ANY type of illness.
 I have noticed lately that people seem to have a real problem covering their mouth/nose when sneezing or coughing. Before I went on mat leave I even had a few clients cough/sneeze DIRECTLY in my face and the faces of my coworkers. They didn't even bother to turn their face away. Naturally I snapped on them. Really though? Is it THAT difficult to raise your hand/arm the 2 inches to your face to block at least SOME of the germs from getting all in MY grill?


Thank-you in advance.


Friday, June 12, 2009

Update on HBC complaint

So I emailed HBC online again this morning to inform them that I have yet to be contacted by the Brantford Zellars regarding my complaint. Lo and behold, at 3:05pm today who should call? FINALLY!!! So I spoke with the store manager, who seemed fairly young (about my age I would say) and he was very apologetic. This surprised me because when I had made a complaint at the Centre Mall Zellers about their crappy service I was brushed off with a "what do you want ME to do about it" attitude from their manager.

So, anyways, the store manager apologizes and said his stomach was turning as he read the email. He said he was shocked at the poor level of service that I had recieved, not only on one but several occasions, by his staff. As a token of his regret, he has offered me a few pack of Pampers for free! I thanked him for his apology and said I would gladly accept. So tomorrow afternoon he wants me to come by the store and ask for him so he can apologize face to face and give me the diapers!

I guess something really CAN come out of these types of situations! Let's hope that the service actually improves though or I can guarantee I will be back with more complaints!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Baby Update

I went to the doctor today, he didn't check my cervix but said he WILL definately be checking it next thursday at my appointment. I asked him, if I were to go past due, how long would they let me go. He said I will have a baby by the end of the month regardless. He said lots of doctors will wait 2 weeks but he doesn't believe in that. So basically at my 40 week appointment, if I am still prego that is, we will be picking a date.


Parking For New or Expectant Mothers

One of my BIGGEST pet peeves is when people park in the spots marked "Reserved for New or Expectant Mothers" (or something of that nature)!!! I really think that from about 5 months pregnant women should be given a parking "pass", much the same idea as a handicap permit, for these spots and that they should expire when the baby is about 1 or 1 1/2.

Recently, at Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre, while returning to my car (which was parked in one of 3 of these type of spots) I walked past an older couple (I'm talking late 50's to early 60's) coming out of their pickup truck they have parked in one of these spots. I had Britney with me so it took ALL of me to bite my tongue and NOT tell them off! Not only did they have no baby with them, but they seemed VERY able bodied! AND, if they were not "able bodied" then maybe they should talk to their doctor about a proper handicap permit.

I see it ALL the time at malls and various other places that provide these spots and it DRIVES ME NUTS!!!!!! People need to have their heads checked! It's not easy to waddle your ass from the very far end of the parking lot when you are a big preggo monster! And really? DO you think it's a very good idea to piss someone off who is RAGING with hormones???


Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Still nothing!!! It's been 5 days...contractions are still a water breakage! I have my weekly doc's appointment tomorrow. Trying to hold onto my sanity until then! They will check me to see how dialated I am...PLEASE GOD LET ME HAVE PROGRESSED!!! I hate to think these contractions have been keeping me up for the better part of the night but not getting me anywhere!!!

I will keep you posted so stay tuned!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

The most frustrating 24 hours!!!!!

I just had 24 hours of what appears to be false labour...or real labour that somehow stopped. I lost my mucous plug and dialted to 2 CM, had regular contractions 5-7 mins water break...and now the contractions seem to have stopped. although same thing exactly happend with Britney and then I had her two days later so we'll see. Going to go on about my business, go for lunch with friends today, go for walks, see what happens.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

HBC's response to my email complaint

Dear Nikki,Thank you for your email dated 27th of May.We appreciate you for sharing your recent shopping experiences at the Zellers Store in Brantford, Ontario.I would first like to thank you for taking the time to communicate to us, and allow us the opportunity to address this issue. Please accept our apologies for the obvious shortfall in our customer service efforts.Please be assured that the Zellers is continuing to place emphasis and resources consistently in providing service levels to our customers thatwill differentiate us from the competition.In this particular situation we obviously fell short.I would appreciate it if you would provide me with your telephone numberso that I may have the store manager contact you to address your concerns.Please feel free to contact Zellers customer service at 1-888-226-2225, for any further assistance. We appreciate your patronage and hope to continue serving you in HBC. Regards, Abhishek Customer Services

Now how many of you think that any resolution will actually come out of this?

Oh how I loathe HBC!

I would like to make a complaint about the Zellers Store in Brantford, Ontario. I have been a loyal HBC customer for at least 16 years. Recently I have become very annoyed at the lack of business ethic employeed by the Brantford store.

Firstly: My husband and I were in the store shopping for a patio set and 3 employees stood around and chatted with each other instead of asking if we needed help while we looked at our choices. Then when we asked one of them for help they seemed annoyed as if we were putting them out. She answered our questions (begrudgingly) and we said we just needed a minute to decide. We spoke privately (my husband and I) and decided to take one of the sets shown to us, only to be told (by the same lady) "oh no that one was already sold". Why would you show us a product, answer all our questions, knowing we wanted to possibly buy it, only to tell us we can't have it? We were so annoyed we ended up buying our set at Zhers instead of Zellers.

Secondly: I was in recently to purchase a gift card for a friend's wedding shower. When I got up to the check out I was told that he didn't have any at his register. So I asked him would he kindly check at the other registers for me then? He scoffed and yelled over to the other cashiers (instead of walking around to check) then said "No we don't have wedding ones we only have thank-you or baby shower". I explained that neither would work since it was for a Wedding shower not a baby shower and it was not for a thank-you card. He looked at me with a completely blank look. I asked him if he could kindly get a manager to check because surely they could not be out in the entore store. He reluctantly called someone and they called back and said they were out but could wrestle up a "just because". I was stuck settling for the "just because" card and had to add an explanation in the shower card as to why it was so generic.

Thirdly: There was a sale on Pampers from May10th-14 as posted in your weekly flyer. When I went into the store to purchase some at 9am on th 10th, the pampers shelves were empty. Huggies were fully stacked, but pampers were empty. After 15 minutes when I was finally able to find a staff member she told me I could get a rain check on my way out. So I went to the check out to pay for my few purchases and to obtain a rain check. The Cashier filled out the rain check (for size 1 pampers which I had requested after she checked the flyer to confirm they were included). When I had not received a call back about the product a week later, my husband called to see if maybe they had just overlooked us. We were informed that in that week they still had not received any inventory for pampers. So either A) they were lying to us or B) the flyer was a false advertisement because they had no intentions on carrying the items advertised. When he asked the person he spoke to when we could expect they would come in he was put on hold. When they came back, he was informed that that specific product (Value pack of size 1 pampers) does not even exist. Funny though how I was able to purchase two of these value packs at Wal-mart yesterday! So whoever spoke to him lied. They lied that it doesn't exist and also probably lied about "not getting any in".

Fourthly: Try finding a staff member on the floor to help you out when you need assistance. I bet you have to walk the perimeter of the store at least 2 times before finding someone. How disgusting is that?I am 28 years old with a young family.

I am 36 weeks pregnant. We have registered at Sears for our baby instead of HBC because of this.

We will now be shopping at Wal-mart instead of Zellers because of this.

I will be shopping at Home Sense instead of Home Outfitters because of this.

My sister has done her wedding regisrty at Sears instead of HBC because of this. I still have one brother left to get married, he will nto be registering at HBC.

I am one of 16 grandchildren on one side and one of six on the other side. I'm sure between friends and family it won't take long for my story to get out.

I wonder how many people will stop shopping at HBC stores because of this? Bad news spreads much faster than good news. I am even thinking of taking this to the media I am just THAT annoyed. I wonder how many other people are as annoyed and put off HBC as I am?

Hopefully this complaint will not be taken lightly, hopefully someone in your corporation has some sendse of corporate pride. Hopefully someone stands behind the HBC brand. This is an awful lot of business to lose and it wouldn't take long before HBC meets the same fate as Eatons if all its patrons chose to shop elsewhere.

Once again people have no filter!

So my friend Nicole told me she has had some run ins with stupid people too since being pregnant. She told me yesterday that at work, she went to get off the elevator and the "kind lady" on the elevator told her she thought she "could use the exercise and might want to give the stairs a try". So of course being my friend she was outspoken enough to tell the lady to fuck off!!! When I asked what the nice lady's response was she said she didn't know because the other person on the elevator pressed the door close button. WOW!

I hope it doesn't bug you that I posted this Nicole but I had to so people that it's not just me.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Letter to the Editor

This morning as I looked at the front page of the Brantford Expositor I thought "enough is enough". They ran a story on the front page about how Tori Stafford's (missing woodstock girl) family has "finally" picked up their dog from the Vet. This is my letter to the editor:

I am very dissapointed with the Expositor's decision to run recent stories about Tori Stafford's family dog. I don't even know the family and I am personally offended! Really? Who cares if they picked the dog up or not? Why is that our business and what does it have to do with the fact that Tori is still missing? It is a tabloid type move to make and it makes me ashamed to say that I am a subscriber to a paper that would print such trash. And it made FRONT PAGE? Are there not more important stories you can run? If you must run something about Tori, why not just keep her picture on the front page? Be a POSITIVE part of the search, keep her face in the public eye. Am I the only one who sees that this is shameful?

Here is the link to the story if you want to see why I'm pissed:

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


So, yesterday I went to work and my feet were a disgusting swelly mess! My feet were pouring over the tops of my shoes and my knees looked like I had implants put in them! I left work around 10am and went to the hospital to have my legs re-assessed as my Doctor had suggested if they poofed again.

They checked my blood pressure (normal as usual), my urine and the baby's heart rate (which was great!). It was decided that since I spend the greater amount of my work day on my feet, it would be best that I stop working at this point. I'm not on strict bed rest but I am supposed to keep my feet elevated as much as possible. this is going to be WAY better ebcause I can be productive around my house so I am not bored to tears, but if my feet get sore and swollen I can drop what I'm doing and put my feet up without having to answer to anyone.

I feel a great amount of relief. I dreaded going in to work because of how much my feet/legs were hurting. I was leaving early because of it all the time and frankly it was getting embarassing. This way, my boss can call in casual to cover my spot instead of having me come in only to leave early and have the branch be left short staffed. Much better for everyone all around.

That's my update!

Don't orget, you can leave comments on my posts! I love to hear your feedback!

Friday, April 24, 2009

By request

Ok so I know I have been majorly slacking in the blogging department. 31 weeks prego now, guess I just have a ton on the go.

In any case, this blog is dedicated to my good friend Jenn. She has been reading all my woes about jackasses who say stupid things to pregnant ladies, and would like to know "What SHOULD you say?". So, Jenn? This one's for you!

I know I've ranted on and on about how people call me huge, and tell me I'm having twins (happend again at Starbucks this past weekend by the way, the barrista asked if I was sure that there was just one in there. Steve witnessed it this time and was boggled). But what things DON'T bug me? Well first of all it doesn't really bother me when people I know well, like friends, family or co-workers comment on the fact that my belly has grown, because, has! Instead of saying "Wow you're huge!" try "Look how much that baby is growing!" then it's not a "YOU are big" it's "the BABY is growing bigger" less of a personal blow. Remember, pregnant ladies are very self conscious because they are not used to the Santa Claus look. It's already hard enough to cope with the dissapearance of your waist without feeling like people are calling you a cow.

How about saying "You look great" or "you are all baby" is also acceptable because then we don't feel so much as if we've visited the fat farm. Pretty much you have to just put yourselves in the shoes of that lady and remember that her body has just completely morphed. She is probably feeling more like a pod than a person at this point, so some friendly compliments or encouragement would do much better than a comment onher size.

Recent studies have found that an astounding number of pregnant women have developed what doctors have coined as "Pregorexia". This is when a woman is SO upset by her changing body and by comments from people that she has "really gotten big" to obsessively monitor her weight gain throughout her pregnancy. Did you know that doctors no longer have the "weight gain during pregnancy" guidelines? It's no longer suggested by (most) doctors that you gain between a certain amount of pounds, simply because each pregnancy is SO different. For example, when I was pregnant with my first child, I gained around 60 pounds! While a lot was, in fact, baby, amniotic fluid, placenta and a bit of fat, a good portion was due to severe edema (water retention). I balooned up so bad in my hands, legs, feet and face that I was hardly recognizable to myself. This time around I have gained only around 30 pounds so far. Mind you, I did start off about 20 pounds heavier this pregnancy than I did with my first. The point, however, is that especially with all the raging hormones going through a pregnant woman's body, weight gain (even for a healthy reason) is still very daunting.

SO, next time you are talking to a pregnant lady friend of yours, tell how fabulous she looks, not how big she's gotten. Go ahead, comment on the baby growing...but keep it to the baby if you can. And people? If you don't know the person? Don't comment. You will just likely end up with your foot (or possibly hers) in your mouth. Better to take the safe road then to be drop kicked by a hormonal mommy-to-be.

Until next time! Thanks for reading!


Thursday, April 9, 2009

So I'm a gimp? So what?

So Tuesday at work, I am suddenly hit with severely painful abdominal pains and LOTS of pressure in my lower abdomen. Naturally I freak out and assume this means the baby is coming 11 weeks early. bawling my eyes out, i call my OB/GYN's office and am instructed to go immediately to labour and delivery at BGH for assessment. SOOOO, I call Steve at work to tell him he needs to come get me ASAP and take me to the hospital and why. Steve misunderstands and thinks I am calling FROM the doctor's office, which is on teh other side of town, and goes there to get me. He said he was all panicked and looking for me and that the nurses must've thought he was a crazy person walking around saying "WHERE'S MY WIFE????". He finally put two and two together and came to get me at the branch and we were on our way (panic stricken) to the good old BGH to see teh doctor on call. We get to the hospital and Steve gets me situated in a wheel chair so he can go park the car and come back for me to take me up to labour and delivery. we find the elevators and I tell him "floor 4". We get ON the elevator failing to notice that it's in "down mode" and that we just went on the wrong one because of our panic. Wanted to take the first one open. So we go ALLLLLLL the way to the lowest level then back, finally, up to 4. Get off on 4 and are told we want 5. Back on the elevator. AGAIN a down one! So of course I start bawling because I feel like I'm stuck in a nightmare! We get to 5 and look around and both of us think "this can't be right", so we ask someone again...nope...nope...we definately wanted 4...AAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGHHHHH! At this point I am so worked up I feel nauseated! SO, finally on the right floor (the FOURTH floor) we get checked in and the doctor see's us right away. Luckily it happens to be MY doctor that is on call, so no awkward "history" questions and what not, just straight to the sitch at hand. She asks about the pains, I get hooked up to monitors, she checks my cervix and determins that I am not, in fact, in labour. turns out I seriously pulled a muscle in my abdomen and it hurts like hell. She put me off work and I had my regular 4 week appointment with her today, at which she decided I should be off for another week. So while I am serisouly relieved that this baby isn't coming early, I am in pain and want to whine about it for all to hear. So... WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Just a quickie because I'm still not feeling well, but I had to go ahead and get this one out there. REALLY? A client told me today my baby is going to be a moose. A Ma-fuckin MOOSE! This is just getting ridiculous people!

Monday, March 16, 2009

More Assface people! Un-Fucking-believeable!

SOMEBODY STOP THE MADNESS!!!! WTF is wrong with people? Does nobody have a filter anymore? SERIOUSLY!!! Not ONLY did I get the "you're HUGE!" comments today, but my co-worker who was sitting next to me got told she was doomed to be fat by some old lady client. For real she is like a size 6 or 7 right now and this lady, out of nowhere, asked if her mom was as skinny as her. My co-worker replied "No." with a blank look like "wtf is it to you lady". The client's response? "Ha, ha, you are going to be FAT one day!" Settle down people!!! Apparently if you sit next to the HUGE pregnant lady, you too are at risk of being called HUGE whether or not you are. How fucked up is THAT?

ONNNNNNNNNNNNNN the plus side...I did have two regular clients today comment that they didn't even notice I was pregnant before today! So, naturally, I told them I loved them and they were now #1 in my books...before, of course, going on a tangent about how many before them have called me fat and argued with me that I "must be having twins".

Ok, and also? I was sitting on a damn chair, minding my own prego business when another of my co-worker's client interrupted what my co-worker was doing for HIM (ya it was a fucking moronic guy) to ask me "Um excuse me? Aren't you kinda pushing it?"
me: "um...pushing what?"
client: makes a "big belly" gesture with his hands then says again "pushing it" followed by a moronic laugh.
me: "um, actually NO! I have 12 weeks to go THANK-YOU VERY MUCH! WOW! *to my co-worker* What is wrong with people?" Then I walked away.

SHIT man! People are so fucked up! GET A FILTER PEOPLE! Very good investment! It's called social tact. I'm sure there is a course you can take at some idiot school. In the meantime? Don't fucking talk to me unless you aren't going to shit all over yourself with your moronic verbal diarreah, k?

OH! And? On a non-prego note? I'm told we have a client that went on like a half hour rant about how he can't stand "Stupidity people". Seriously. AS he's going on about this, does he NOT realize HE sounds like a "stupidity person" given his poor choice of words?


That's all I have to say about that....for right now....

Sunday, March 15, 2009


I guess it must be the GORGEOUS weather today, but I am CRAVING daquiris BIG TIME! Being that I'm pregnant, however, it seems to be frowned upon. Something about alcohol and pregnancy = not good. Now I KNOW technically I could have a virgin...but let's face it...I didn't get in my "condition" by being a virgin type of lady! That being said...NO...I didn't opt for the rum based beverage. I would rather wait until I can safely have a proper daquiri, then have a virgin one...which by the way is basically just a Strawberry smoothie. So ...le sigh...I guess I'll have to wait and make sure Steve has a daquiri ready and waiting for me the second the baby makes it's appearance.

Hmmm, wonder what the hospital staff would think on that one?

lol...dreams...yes...I dream big I know.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Way to scare the shit out of me! Thanks a mill!

So, there I was, sitting in the waiting room of my OBGYN's office today for my regular 4 week check up. Sitting across from me, is a lady that had her baby 10 weeks premature and beside her a lady that is prego for her 2nd time and is 29 weeks. So about how the MAIN focus of their conversation, was how much Brantford hospital sucks ass. Ok, um, hello? Ladies? PREEEEEEEETTY sure you are in a doctor's office in FUCKING BRANTFORD! PREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEETTY sure most of the ladies here are having their babies in Brantford. Do you think MAYBE you could NOT scare the piss out of us? OR, how about you let us find out for ourselves. This is not exactly the type of thing I was hoping to worry about at this stage in the game.
At the beiginning of my pregnancy I was seriously ill and had to be hospitalized in Brantford General Hospital for 4 days, and I had a VERY pleasant experience actually. The nurses were very attentive and treated me like a person not an illness, the doctors came at least once a day to check on my and inform me on my situation and I had a great room-mate in a semi-private room.
I would also like to point out that with my first daughter, I was told by people that they had horrible experiences at Brampton Memorial Hospital, but mine was quite the opposite. Despite the fact that I was in a ward room (4 people), the nurses came in quite often, the food wasn't bad and I was given lots of help and support with breast feeding when I had a hard time.
I think, if you've had a bad experience, unless someone asks you flat out you should keep it the F under your belt. Maybe next time you should NOT yell it out in a room full of people who have no choice but to go to that particular hospital?
Really? When will people get a fuckin clue?
That's my rant for today...have to go watch Hell's Kitchen now!
Peace :) Nik

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Really though? Really? You need to shut the hell up. (A.K.A don't mess with the Nikki A.K.A an oldie but a goodie)

I posted this last March in my Facebook notes. It got such a good response I thought I would repost it on here for your reading enjoyment:

Let's talk annoying neighbours...Our new neighbour decideds that, being as it is St. Paddy's day weekend, Sunday would be the optimal day to go out and get smashed with his friends who are 20 years younger than he is.

Around 12:30am they come home SCREAMING and yelling and getting all roudy. Music blars, 90's techno style to boot, with base full pumpin ala Gino style. I FLIPPED OUT! I know this shocks all of you being that normally I am so even keeled *cough cough* but yes it is true, I lost my cool. Steve didn't want me to but I marched my butt over to their house - had to go around the front because they are attached by the side and there is a privacy fence in between- in my plaid pj bottoms and steve's canada hoodie COMPLETE wirth bed head a FURY in my eyes. I banged on the door like a mad woman and rang the bell like 5 million times. They ignored me. Oh shit man this is going to be ugly! I continue to smash the door. I hear a voice inside say "Oh man they are sending the heat!" WTF? The heat? What is this? Miami Vice? This only angers me more. FINALLY the dumb twat opens the door...dumb friend in tow and anotheryapping smart comments in the background.

Me: Really though? Really? You need to shut the hell up.

Ass face Neighbour: Oh...really? (shocked look on his face like he thought they were quiet)

Me: YES really!

Dumb friend in the background: Some incoherent smartass mumbling

Friend at door: Oh ... hee hee

Me: Cuz really? We have to get up at 6am (lies I got up at 7:30...although Steve got up at 5:30)
Ass face Neighbour: Oh ok .

Me: ya cuz this is a recurring situation and I've let it slide before but next time I have NO PROBLEM calling the police and/or the landlord.

Ass face Neighbour: Recurring? Really?

Me: uh...YA

Ass face Neighbour: Oh ya you're right.

Me: Ya...I know I am. Now please kindly shut the fuck up.

Ass face Neighbour: Thanks for coming straight to me I appreciate it...mumble mumble some drunken slurs.

Me: *shakes his hand* thank you and good night.*MARCH MARCH MARCH* back to bed...grrr

I just feel the need!

So I've been reading my friend Justin's blog, and I decided that I need one too. Why? Well, really? Because there are too many stupid people and too many stupid thing that I observe on a daily basis NOT to share with y'all.

My first point of business: I am 26 weeks pregnant and about to FREAK on the next person that tells me I'm "quite large for 26 weeks". ALL of these people? Strangers! Mostly clients at my work. What the HELL is wrong with you people?? When you later ask if I am having twins and I say "NO!" don't ask "Are you sure??". No I'm not're right, the three ultrasounds I've had where they've told me it's ONE healthy baby, are probably ALL wrong! YES! Yes i'm quite fekkin sure! Really though? Who in their right mind tells a complete stranger they are "quite large"? Just because I am pregnant you feel it gives you free reign on my body for commenting? NO!!! Would you walk up to a non prego who was "quite large" and tell THEM? No, no ya wouldn't! I've decided I am going to Karate Kid the next assface that comments on my size.

Also? There's no touching! Unless you know me? You should NOT feel free to rub my belly. I don't care how "cute" or "precious" you think it looks! you won't think I'm so cute or precious when you have my boot up your ass, now will you? Give your heads a shake. Seriously? Seriously. next time I pass a random bald man, should I shine his head? What makes you think these actions differ from one another?

A pre-warning, when I finally have my baby, and you pass me at the mall, or on the street, or wherever? DON'T TOUCH MY BABY! I don't know you. I don't know where you stank ass hands have been. Don't pass your infections on to my child because they are "Too gorgeous NOT to touch"!!! Get a grip people, just GET A GRIP!!!

So that's my first entry for now! I'm sure there will be more to come. Does this crap bug you too, or am I alone on this? Let me know k?

Peace :)

No my name ain't baby

No my name ain't baby