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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Apparently OPP says now we can use our cars as weapons with no repercussions.

While merging onto the eastbound QEW at Burloak at about 6am this morning, my friend and her husband were purposely rammed from behind TWICE by a transport truck. 

"Ever been INTENTIONALLY rear-ended by a transport truck? And that is how our drive into work started today... Sigh. Stu merged onto the highway (with adequate space),
buddy threw on his high beams and then proceeded to follow way too close to us,and then when given the finger for doing so, slam into the back of us - not once, but twice. Great start to the day..."was her facebook status.

She then went on to write "What a joke!!! He's being found "at fault" but isn't being charged with anything.Apparently we can all use our vehicles as weapons, and get away with it by simply denying that you meant to do it. Incredibly disappointed with the OPP on this one!!!" 

I should add that their car was deemed undriveable and that Stu was told that if the other guy was charged that he would be too. Apparently flipping the bird is justification for hitting someone with a large vehicle?

So if someone flips me the bird, can I shoot them in the foot?

The truck said Ruan Transport on the side of it and the driver was from Illinois. Welcome to Canada, where you can use your vehicle as a weapon and not be penalized for it.

Who ever decided that this guy was not to be charged should be written up. What a poor precedent to set!

They could have been seriously injured or killed.

Do you think this guy learned his lesson? Doubtful.

I am asking my readers to share this post far and wide. Tweet, FB, email...we need to make noise about this or things like this will continue to happen.

No my name ain't baby

No my name ain't baby