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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Just a quickie because I'm still not feeling well, but I had to go ahead and get this one out there. REALLY? A client told me today my baby is going to be a moose. A Ma-fuckin MOOSE! This is just getting ridiculous people!

Monday, March 16, 2009

More Assface people! Un-Fucking-believeable!

SOMEBODY STOP THE MADNESS!!!! WTF is wrong with people? Does nobody have a filter anymore? SERIOUSLY!!! Not ONLY did I get the "you're HUGE!" comments today, but my co-worker who was sitting next to me got told she was doomed to be fat by some old lady client. For real she is like a size 6 or 7 right now and this lady, out of nowhere, asked if her mom was as skinny as her. My co-worker replied "No." with a blank look like "wtf is it to you lady". The client's response? "Ha, ha, you are going to be FAT one day!" Settle down people!!! Apparently if you sit next to the HUGE pregnant lady, you too are at risk of being called HUGE whether or not you are. How fucked up is THAT?

ONNNNNNNNNNNNNN the plus side...I did have two regular clients today comment that they didn't even notice I was pregnant before today! So, naturally, I told them I loved them and they were now #1 in my books...before, of course, going on a tangent about how many before them have called me fat and argued with me that I "must be having twins".

Ok, and also? I was sitting on a damn chair, minding my own prego business when another of my co-worker's client interrupted what my co-worker was doing for HIM (ya it was a fucking moronic guy) to ask me "Um excuse me? Aren't you kinda pushing it?"
me: "um...pushing what?"
client: makes a "big belly" gesture with his hands then says again "pushing it" followed by a moronic laugh.
me: "um, actually NO! I have 12 weeks to go THANK-YOU VERY MUCH! WOW! *to my co-worker* What is wrong with people?" Then I walked away.

SHIT man! People are so fucked up! GET A FILTER PEOPLE! Very good investment! It's called social tact. I'm sure there is a course you can take at some idiot school. In the meantime? Don't fucking talk to me unless you aren't going to shit all over yourself with your moronic verbal diarreah, k?

OH! And? On a non-prego note? I'm told we have a client that went on like a half hour rant about how he can't stand "Stupidity people". Seriously. AS he's going on about this, does he NOT realize HE sounds like a "stupidity person" given his poor choice of words?


That's all I have to say about that....for right now....

Sunday, March 15, 2009


I guess it must be the GORGEOUS weather today, but I am CRAVING daquiris BIG TIME! Being that I'm pregnant, however, it seems to be frowned upon. Something about alcohol and pregnancy = not good. Now I KNOW technically I could have a virgin...but let's face it...I didn't get in my "condition" by being a virgin type of lady! That being said...NO...I didn't opt for the rum based beverage. I would rather wait until I can safely have a proper daquiri, then have a virgin one...which by the way is basically just a Strawberry smoothie. So ...le sigh...I guess I'll have to wait and make sure Steve has a daquiri ready and waiting for me the second the baby makes it's appearance.

Hmmm, wonder what the hospital staff would think on that one?

lol...dreams...yes...I dream big I know.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Way to scare the shit out of me! Thanks a mill!

So, there I was, sitting in the waiting room of my OBGYN's office today for my regular 4 week check up. Sitting across from me, is a lady that had her baby 10 weeks premature and beside her a lady that is prego for her 2nd time and is 29 weeks. So about how the MAIN focus of their conversation, was how much Brantford hospital sucks ass. Ok, um, hello? Ladies? PREEEEEEEETTY sure you are in a doctor's office in FUCKING BRANTFORD! PREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEETTY sure most of the ladies here are having their babies in Brantford. Do you think MAYBE you could NOT scare the piss out of us? OR, how about you let us find out for ourselves. This is not exactly the type of thing I was hoping to worry about at this stage in the game.
At the beiginning of my pregnancy I was seriously ill and had to be hospitalized in Brantford General Hospital for 4 days, and I had a VERY pleasant experience actually. The nurses were very attentive and treated me like a person not an illness, the doctors came at least once a day to check on my and inform me on my situation and I had a great room-mate in a semi-private room.
I would also like to point out that with my first daughter, I was told by people that they had horrible experiences at Brampton Memorial Hospital, but mine was quite the opposite. Despite the fact that I was in a ward room (4 people), the nurses came in quite often, the food wasn't bad and I was given lots of help and support with breast feeding when I had a hard time.
I think, if you've had a bad experience, unless someone asks you flat out you should keep it the F under your belt. Maybe next time you should NOT yell it out in a room full of people who have no choice but to go to that particular hospital?
Really? When will people get a fuckin clue?
That's my rant for today...have to go watch Hell's Kitchen now!
Peace :) Nik

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Really though? Really? You need to shut the hell up. (A.K.A don't mess with the Nikki A.K.A an oldie but a goodie)

I posted this last March in my Facebook notes. It got such a good response I thought I would repost it on here for your reading enjoyment:

Let's talk annoying neighbours...Our new neighbour decideds that, being as it is St. Paddy's day weekend, Sunday would be the optimal day to go out and get smashed with his friends who are 20 years younger than he is.

Around 12:30am they come home SCREAMING and yelling and getting all roudy. Music blars, 90's techno style to boot, with base full pumpin ala Gino style. I FLIPPED OUT! I know this shocks all of you being that normally I am so even keeled *cough cough* but yes it is true, I lost my cool. Steve didn't want me to but I marched my butt over to their house - had to go around the front because they are attached by the side and there is a privacy fence in between- in my plaid pj bottoms and steve's canada hoodie COMPLETE wirth bed head a FURY in my eyes. I banged on the door like a mad woman and rang the bell like 5 million times. They ignored me. Oh shit man this is going to be ugly! I continue to smash the door. I hear a voice inside say "Oh man they are sending the heat!" WTF? The heat? What is this? Miami Vice? This only angers me more. FINALLY the dumb twat opens the door...dumb friend in tow and anotheryapping smart comments in the background.

Me: Really though? Really? You need to shut the hell up.

Ass face Neighbour: Oh...really? (shocked look on his face like he thought they were quiet)

Me: YES really!

Dumb friend in the background: Some incoherent smartass mumbling

Friend at door: Oh ... hee hee

Me: Cuz really? We have to get up at 6am (lies I got up at 7:30...although Steve got up at 5:30)
Ass face Neighbour: Oh ok .

Me: ya cuz this is a recurring situation and I've let it slide before but next time I have NO PROBLEM calling the police and/or the landlord.

Ass face Neighbour: Recurring? Really?

Me: uh...YA

Ass face Neighbour: Oh ya you're right.

Me: Ya...I know I am. Now please kindly shut the fuck up.

Ass face Neighbour: Thanks for coming straight to me I appreciate it...mumble mumble some drunken slurs.

Me: *shakes his hand* thank you and good night.*MARCH MARCH MARCH* back to bed...grrr

I just feel the need!

So I've been reading my friend Justin's blog, and I decided that I need one too. Why? Well, really? Because there are too many stupid people and too many stupid thing that I observe on a daily basis NOT to share with y'all.

My first point of business: I am 26 weeks pregnant and about to FREAK on the next person that tells me I'm "quite large for 26 weeks". ALL of these people? Strangers! Mostly clients at my work. What the HELL is wrong with you people?? When you later ask if I am having twins and I say "NO!" don't ask "Are you sure??". No I'm not're right, the three ultrasounds I've had where they've told me it's ONE healthy baby, are probably ALL wrong! YES! Yes i'm quite fekkin sure! Really though? Who in their right mind tells a complete stranger they are "quite large"? Just because I am pregnant you feel it gives you free reign on my body for commenting? NO!!! Would you walk up to a non prego who was "quite large" and tell THEM? No, no ya wouldn't! I've decided I am going to Karate Kid the next assface that comments on my size.

Also? There's no touching! Unless you know me? You should NOT feel free to rub my belly. I don't care how "cute" or "precious" you think it looks! you won't think I'm so cute or precious when you have my boot up your ass, now will you? Give your heads a shake. Seriously? Seriously. next time I pass a random bald man, should I shine his head? What makes you think these actions differ from one another?

A pre-warning, when I finally have my baby, and you pass me at the mall, or on the street, or wherever? DON'T TOUCH MY BABY! I don't know you. I don't know where you stank ass hands have been. Don't pass your infections on to my child because they are "Too gorgeous NOT to touch"!!! Get a grip people, just GET A GRIP!!!

So that's my first entry for now! I'm sure there will be more to come. Does this crap bug you too, or am I alone on this? Let me know k?

Peace :)

No my name ain't baby

No my name ain't baby