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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

First Day after mat leave

Today I returned to work after being off for 15 months on bed rest/mat leave/vacation.

I have to admit that my stomach was in knots and FULL of butterflies as I walked through that door. I was able to observe for the morning and by afternoon I felt confident enough to jump right in! I did GREAT! It felt good, actually, to be back at it. once I got into the swing of things and found my groove it was like old hat again!

This morning I thought it was going to be hardest to leave the baby (my husband is a teacher and therefore is off until September so he is watching the little ladies). When it came time to leave though, I said "Bye baby!" to which she replied "Baa bla goo bla PIZZA!!!" So I knew she could care less! lol The older little lady? Now THAT was a different story! She said she was "Very mad at Daddy for letting me go back to work!" But I told her that there was this stuff called food that we had all grown to love and if we wanted more of it, Mommy would haveto go to work! So naturally, being six, she understood. NOT! She ran and hid under our wing chair sulking until I left.

I did get to come home on lunch whihc was nice! I only work 3KMS away from my house so it's golden!

I did have a client (with magenta lipstick and bright orange blush) as me if I was pregnant. "NO!" I said!!! "I just got back this VERY DAY from mat leave!" to which she replyed "Oh it must be your shirt." My shirt was fitted and my "belly" was NOT poking out! some people are rude I tell ya! Moron! Oh well at least I don't wal around looking like the wife of Krusty the clown!!!

That's the long and short of it! Let's see how the rest of the week goes!!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Retail war won again!

I have won yet ANOTHER retail war! 1) against HBC they have agreed to replace the faulty dinner service sets we recieved for our wedding! 2) The Brick charged us interest on a purchase we had financed for 90 days after it was 1 day late despite the fact that I had called twice to ask for our statment that we had not received. Result? I wrote them a stern email and we no longer owe the interest! DUH we paid it in FULL why would I pay interest? This just proves the squeaky wheel gets the oil!!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I wrote this in response to some haters on the Access Hollywood site

Nikki Wrote at June 2nd 2010 1:35pm
I don't know why in 2010 people still have such a problem with gays and lesbians. Who cares? Why does their sexuality define who they are? If I win American Idol should I announce to the world that i am straight? Why does someone have to announce that they are gay? Maybe beyonce should announce that she's Black? get a grip people! Give your heads a big shake! Just because someone is gay should not make them a write off. I hate to break it to all you homophobes out there...just because someone is gay doesn't mean they want you! I am a straight woman and I am not attracted to ALL men. The same goes for gay men or women. Being gay doesn't make you a sex feind, it just makes you gay! So get over yourselves and your ignorance and just let them be happy!!!!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Weight Loss Update

Ok people!!! So remember how I had gained like 5 lbs or whatever back??? Well now that I have been going to the gym at least 2-3 times per week, I am now down to 177Lbs! I am now down 7Lbs from my last weigh in!!! How pumped am I??? this is perfect progress! I have only been going for the last 3 weeks or so...maybe a month...7Lbs in a month? Not too friggen shabby!!!!
Updates to follow regularily!!!!

By the way...did I mention that apparently it's now standard to wear giant hoop earrings to work out? Ya...I know....

Thanks again for your support! You guys rock! xoxoxo

Friday, April 30, 2010

New Jen Lancaster books!!!

Today my copies of Jen Lancaster's 2 latest books came in the mail from! "Pretty in Plaid" & "My Fair Lazy" are their titles and I can't WAIT to read them. I am already a few pages into PIP and already I'm literally "LOLed" !!!!
I highly reccomend reading her works if you haven't already!
Aslo? Check out her blog:

Your welcome.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

So now I'm a...socialist???

Something I feel very strongly about is healthcare. I really feel that everyone should have equal chance at the same healthcare, regardless of social or financial situation. I loudly voiced my opinion on Twitter and now apparently I am labelled as a socialst! Well I'm sorry! If not wanting people to have to lose their homes or worse yet DIE just because they can't afford to pay a doctor makes me socialist? Well then paint me red because I just really feel it's what's right!

Kanye West's song "roses" says:
"Tell her everything gone be fine?

But i'd be lying, the family crying
They want her to live, and she trying
I'm argueing like what kind of doctor can we fly in
You know the best medicine go to people thats paid,
If Magic Johnson got a cure for A.I.D.S.
And all the broke muthafuckers past away
You tellin me if my grandma was in the N.B.A.
Right now she'd be ok?
But since she was just a secretary
Working for the church
For thirty five years
Things sposed to stop right here?"

It's so true!!! Why does a millionaire deserve better healthcare than the average person? Why do people have to chose between health and a home? Life, death or bankruptcy? Knowing that money is the #1 stresser, and knowing that stress makes people sick? Why would you EVER equate financial status with healthcare?

Yes people can buy health insurance. How about when their treatments are not covered because the company just "doesn't feel comfortable" with the procedure?

I myself have had to have MRI's, X-rays, CT scans and other various diagnostics done on me. If I lived in the States? No way I could have even afforded to have that done to find out what was wrong with me. Even if I could somehow have scraped together enough to cover those tests? The treatments? NO WAY could I have paid for that.

People say that the government has no place in the healthcare system? Well i say we are supposed to trust our government to take care of us. Isn't that what they are there for? To..oh...I don't know...GOVERN things? I don't feel that they are incompetent when it comes to healthcare matters. On the contrary, I can sleep at night knowing that if something happend to my family (God forbid) tomorrow, I wouldn't have to choose between whether they could see a doctor or I could pay my mortgage. I know that if I get sick? I will be able to see the same Doctor as the richest person in Canada because when it comes to our health and the level of care? No one CARES how much you make. All the want to do is get you healthy.

How is that a bad thing? I just don't understand!!! And you say I am the one who's brainwashed? Come on now.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Weight Loss update

So I joined a Gym!!! I have been going a few times a week for the past few weeks and I am feeling GREAT! I hope this will boost my weightloss so that I don't have to pretend like I didn't say I would keep you all updated on my weight loss anymore!!! First weigh in tomorrow morning. Send me good vibes k?


What is wrong with people? I see so many young kids playing unsupervised and riding their bikes alone at WAY too young an age. If you don't have time to watch your kids? You shouldn't have them.

News flash? It's 2010 not 1955, people will steal your children. unfortunately there are a lot more sickos and perverts out there. Why would you risk your child's safety so you can vacuum your livingroom that no one even goes in 600 times a day?

This brings me back to my theory that people should have to get a liscence to have kids. Not everyone is a suitable parent. It's those neglegant parents that make a lot of these sickos because they are starved of affection and attention. If you don't have the time or patience to do a proper job? DON'T HAVE KIDS! they are not trophies, they are not slaves to clean your house, they are not babysitters that should take care of each other. They are KIDS, they need love, they need TIME, they need rules and boundries and they need fun that is safe and supervised.

This isn't rocket science people it's common sense.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Sorry I have been so absent everyone, this has been a crazy month. My husband, my oldest daughter and I all has strep throat.Today my husband thinks he has it again and my baby now has a cold. It particularily sucks since I can't give her anything to feel better. Steam baths, humidifier, saleen rinsing her nose, that is about it. 

Of course it comes at a terrible time as today is one of our best friend's 30th birthday and dinner party for it. I think I may be flying solo at the party. Oh well at least it's at the house of our besties and not some obscure relation. It'll be way fun either way.

I just wish I knew why we have such crappy immune systems. We eat healthy, we excercise, we sleep (for the most part). Luck O' the draw I guess.

Anyways, I am sorry for neglecting my blog. I hope you understand why.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Sick as a dog!

Sorry guys I have been SO sick with strep throat. I know I have been neglecting my blog. Starting to feel SO much better now though, thanks to our wonderful healthcare system here in Canada (God Bless the Queen)!! I can't imagine having to pay for the doctor every time I went. Wow. Anyways, on the road to healing. More to come very soon!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

A change is gonna come!

I can't really say what just yet but a change is coming! Wish me luck ok? I will fill everyone in on just what it is if things pan out the way I hope they will! :)

In the meantime thanks for your support!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Walking group

I wonder if anyone in brantford wants to start a walking group? That would be so awesome! We could support each other and motivate each other.

Just a thought.

No more excuses.

Ok so? The weight loss thing? Going horribly. Yesterday I found out I GAINED 4 lbs!!! I have been SO negligent on the weight loss front though. Yes, I go to hip hop on Tuesdays. Horray. Yes it's a GREAT workout. However, that is pretty much ALL I do exercise wise. The winter really had me in a funk. I was feeling sorry for myself and what do we do when we feel sorry for ourselves? We eat. Well? No more. Right now I am snacking on some carrots. I am going to restart the South Beach diet this coming week and I got a 7 day free trial membership to try the local Athletic Club. The problem is? My husband doesn't like spending money. I think though this is money we are going to HAVE to spend. I need a change. I say I will exercise at home. It never happens. I need to get my ass in dear, get up early every morning and go to the gym. My body isn't going to get how I want it on it's own.

So no more excuses!
No more emotional eating!
No more fried chicken for breakfast (only once but still gross right?)
No more, no more, no more!
It's time to take charge of my body and my weight and ACTUALLY do something about it! I lost 12lbs the last time i started South Beach, so I know I can do it again!

Starting weight as of today? 182lbs. I will update MONTHLY because I say weekly, but I have 2 small kids and a very busy schedule so monthly it is.

Thanks in advance for all your support!!!
Nikki xoxo

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Welcome to Cougar Town

So last night was my friend's 30th birthday celebration. We started it out at her cute new house by drinking sangria (which was frikken delish btw) and swapping stories about creepers that come into our various workplaces (of course for confidentiality we omitted their names during story time).
After the sangria was all but gone, we ventured out to a near by hole in the wall pub called Frankie's where we took part in karaoke. We were OUTSTANDING! Paparazzi were lined up down the street waiting to get an interview and fans were lined up down the otherside waiting for autographs. least in our world they were. We sang Step by Step (nkotb) and straight up (paula abdul) natch. I mean? What else should we sing but the greatest hits of all time? I didn't realize that karaoke was such a SERIOUS thing! I mean I thoroughly enjoy some karaoke don't get me wrong, but some people just think it is like their night job or something! This lady last night was in a SUIT with her luxurious 80's hair in all it's glory, singing and shakin it like it was Hollywood week on American Idol and her place in the competition depended on this very performance! Apparently there is this guy who travels across Ontario singing the same Bob Dylan song at different karaoke bars. I have to say? I have seen him perform...William Hung has more talent. Nuff said!
We then decided it was time to shake out groove thangs, so we ventured off to Jackhammers. Yowzas! There was this one group of girls dancing on the stage? Short Shorts. I'm talkin barely cover your ass shorts. In FEBRUARY! I mean if this were July I probaby wouldn't have thought too much about it, because's hot in July. People were practially having sex on the dance floor.I know, I know... blame it on the a-a-a-a-a-alcohol. But really? Is that necessary? AND THEN! The piece de resistance...a girl about my age (almost 30) up on the stage, black wife beater, pink micro mini kilt, black fishnets, big belt, black mesh gloves. Um hello? Madonna called. She wants her outfit from 1982 back please. Thanks for understanding. The best was the DJ shouting "PUT YOUR MOTHER F**KIN ALCOHOL IN THE AIR! YEA BABY!" and flashback...I was at the VIBE circa 2001. All they needed was the loveshack to make it a complete throwback. Wow.
Now I feel old. NOW I feel like a cougar. But you know what? It was SUPER fun! I was with a group of awesome broads and I would do it again!
Good times! Good to get out!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


People are dying. And for what? So you can tell your friend LOL? Why is your text message more important than our lives? "Don't tempt fate. That text can wait."
Watch the Full episode. Make your car a NO PHONE ZONE!

Sign the pledge. PLEASE don't drive and text! It really IS a matter of life and death.

What has this world come to? Does no one have compassion anymore?

For shame people. Posting the video of a man's death. How disrespectful and insensitive. Does no one think of this man's friend's or family members? Would you want the death of a loved one or friend to be posted for all the world to watch and watch and watch? Disgusting.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Weight Loss update.

So I'm a bad girl and forgot to update you all! Oops! I am down another 1.8lbs. Very SLOWLY crawling along. I have a 7 month old as you know and the whole lack of sleep thing is making me lag. Excuses aside I NEED to step it up. So now, not only do I do hip-hop tuesday nights, but I have sworn to do crunches on commercial breaks while watching my shows (American Idol, House, Medium, 30 Rock -right now-). I did about 150 last night while watching Michael Jackson: Ghosts on Much More Music. Not too shabby eh? Anyone have good tips for boosting your metabolism?

Friday, January 8, 2010

Weight Loss progress

I am reading Jen Lancaster's "Such a pretty Fat" for the second time and have been inspired to start tracking my weight loss progress via my blog! I think having to track it on here will motivate me better!

I have a 6 month old baby and had gotten up to 222 LBS by the end of my pregnancy because I had Oedema:
oedema, edema [ɪˈdiːmə]

n pl -mata [-mətə]

1. (Medicine / Pathology) Pathol an excessive accumulation of serous fluid in the intercellular spaces of tissue
I am now 178.8Lbs and my goal weight is 135Lbs. I want to look healthy not skeletal!
I joined Spark People today which is a website that helps you track your calorie intake, fitness/ calories burned and weight lost.
I take Hip Hop with my daughter every Tuesday for 1 hour and usually do Pole Fit as well but won't be this month because taking Hip Hop instead.
Will work out at LEAST 15 mins a day (cardio), possibly longer, while baby naps.
It's time to take my body back! I will track my progress weekly starting 1 week from today! Saty tuned for updates!!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2010 - The game plan

So 2010 is upon us and I know everyone is vowing to get thin, get that job they always wanted, see the world and what not. For me? 2010 is going to be about friends and family. I want to examin burnt bridges and grudges. I want to weigh the reasons for these and see if they are more important than the relationship with each person associated with them. Life is way too short to harbour bad feelings, especially when the issues at hand are not all that inmportant in the bigger picture we call life.

Saint Jerome said "The friendship that can cease has never been real." I hate to think that I wasted time or heart on relationships that seem to have never been valuable either to myself or the other party to it.

Can we forgive and forget? Can bygones be bygones? Do we sacrafice countless years to one stupid event?

I guess we'll find out won't we?

No my name ain't baby

No my name ain't baby