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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Feeling so tired of this.

I am still on sick leave. I am STILL getting migraines almost daily. Last night I had one and I felt as if my teeth were going to pop right out of my jaw. I am on a new abortive medication (new to me) called Maxalt, it seemed to do the job last night. Today though I do still have pain in my teeth, but not like last night. T2s will be my best friend today. I really hope that there is light at the end of this very long dark tunnel. I'm feeling pretty defeated right now.

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  1. You may have heard it all before. But I know someone close to me who used to get Migraines all the time due to "stress" or so she thought. They were so bad she would end up throwing up violently in major pain. Her job was stressful and therefore she automatically assumed it was that.

    She then cut out all foods, (fruits too) ESPECIALLY COFFEE OR TEA including her regular monthly foods (ie: chocolate etc lol) and in time brought back goods on a "as you go basis" until she was able to figure out what made her sick. She believes she may have an alergy to Tannin which naturally occurs on fruits etc. to protect them from bugs?

    Anyways after approximately ten years of SERIOUS migraines she finally has figured it out and after knowing her for about 8 years.. she only gets migraines now when she eats a wrong food ... from at least two migraines a week for many years, down to one in six months.

    You don't have to spend money, take meds etc.. just try it. But to do it right, please call me so I can put you in touch with her. She is just a regular citizen in Ottawa and will not be asking for any money. She can explain exactly what she did and is doing and you can hear it from her.

    Your choice.. years of suffering gone for her. It's totally amazing. (coffee is her biggest and fastest trigger... maybe there's tannin on the coffee bean? Not sure...)

    Her chocolates and monthly "feel goods" also got her.. but not any more.. Feel free to contact me at 6137093866 (Ottawa)


No my name ain't baby

No my name ain't baby