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Monday, June 3, 2013

Champagne for my real friends, real pain for my sham friends.

I am honestly so over fake, poser, wannabe people. I graduated high school 15 years ago, but it seems some people my age never matured past those days. Like, are we really still hanging around in cliques? Do we seriously act nice to someone until certain other people are around and then we shun them?

Why are grown ass women STILL bending over backwards with their heads so far up each others asses, trying to impress or out do each other? Frankly, it's EXHAUSTING! I have NEVER been one to care what other people think. I dress how I like, listen to the music I like and do everything how I like to do it. I am not trying to worry about what other people's perception of how life should be lived is.

 I measure my life by how many smiles, laughs, hugs and kisses. I do not measure my life by Coach purses, big houses, flashy cars or other gawdy expenses. Anyone who does that is not living for themselves. Anyone who does that is simply doing those things to flash around so others will gawk at them and think they are super amazing.

 News one cares. I would rather have a small house, be mortgage free early on in life, travel the world, laugh often and love ferociously than to drown myself in materialistic garbage. I hate to break it to these people, but the ones who like you because of that fake stuff, don't like you at all. If you became deathly ill, they wouldn't come change your bedpan, they would avoid you like the plague. You would no longer serve their purpose. People who only surround themselves with these types of people are not happy with themselves.

I am sick of it. All of it. Don't like me? Good. You probably aren't worth my energy anyways.

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