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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Raise the Wage

I think it's ignorant to assume these employees have no education or skills. I know people who work at McDonald's bc their husbands are in the army and McDonald's is flexible with their hours so they can work AND manage home life while their spouses are gone. Even bank tellers only make $11 /hour if they are lucky and that is not because it is a job that requires no skill, that is because the bank would rather award their executives with bonuses biggerthan their actual salaries than pay better wages to the people low on the roster. RBC cut CSR hours in our district from 37.5 to 34 hrs so they wouldn't be considered full time. They said it was the economy. That same year, the CEO Gord Nixon got a $5million bonus. It's all greed. "Happy wife, happy life"? "Happy employees, happy business".

Full time employees should be compensated as such. I would rather work at McDonald's than have no job at all but people need to live. Then employers get mad when their employees have to get more than one job to make ends meet. They get mad because they have to co-ordinate the employee's schedule with another employer, but if they got paid better this wouldn't be needed. Even 15-17 year old employees need to possibly save for post secondary education.If they got paid a better wage, maybe they wouldn't need student loans and would be able to start their adult lives with less debt.

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  1. "discernible" is misspelled. Ironic.


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