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Thursday, April 9, 2009

So I'm a gimp? So what?

So Tuesday at work, I am suddenly hit with severely painful abdominal pains and LOTS of pressure in my lower abdomen. Naturally I freak out and assume this means the baby is coming 11 weeks early. bawling my eyes out, i call my OB/GYN's office and am instructed to go immediately to labour and delivery at BGH for assessment. SOOOO, I call Steve at work to tell him he needs to come get me ASAP and take me to the hospital and why. Steve misunderstands and thinks I am calling FROM the doctor's office, which is on teh other side of town, and goes there to get me. He said he was all panicked and looking for me and that the nurses must've thought he was a crazy person walking around saying "WHERE'S MY WIFE????". He finally put two and two together and came to get me at the branch and we were on our way (panic stricken) to the good old BGH to see teh doctor on call. We get to the hospital and Steve gets me situated in a wheel chair so he can go park the car and come back for me to take me up to labour and delivery. we find the elevators and I tell him "floor 4". We get ON the elevator failing to notice that it's in "down mode" and that we just went on the wrong one because of our panic. Wanted to take the first one open. So we go ALLLLLLL the way to the lowest level then back, finally, up to 4. Get off on 4 and are told we want 5. Back on the elevator. AGAIN a down one! So of course I start bawling because I feel like I'm stuck in a nightmare! We get to 5 and look around and both of us think "this can't be right", so we ask someone again...nope...nope...we definately wanted 4...AAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGHHHHH! At this point I am so worked up I feel nauseated! SO, finally on the right floor (the FOURTH floor) we get checked in and the doctor see's us right away. Luckily it happens to be MY doctor that is on call, so no awkward "history" questions and what not, just straight to the sitch at hand. She asks about the pains, I get hooked up to monitors, she checks my cervix and determins that I am not, in fact, in labour. turns out I seriously pulled a muscle in my abdomen and it hurts like hell. She put me off work and I had my regular 4 week appointment with her today, at which she decided I should be off for another week. So while I am serisouly relieved that this baby isn't coming early, I am in pain and want to whine about it for all to hear. So... WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

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  1. The same thing happened to me. I was putting away groceries and the pain just hit!


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No my name ain't baby