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Wednesday, May 6, 2009


So, yesterday I went to work and my feet were a disgusting swelly mess! My feet were pouring over the tops of my shoes and my knees looked like I had implants put in them! I left work around 10am and went to the hospital to have my legs re-assessed as my Doctor had suggested if they poofed again.

They checked my blood pressure (normal as usual), my urine and the baby's heart rate (which was great!). It was decided that since I spend the greater amount of my work day on my feet, it would be best that I stop working at this point. I'm not on strict bed rest but I am supposed to keep my feet elevated as much as possible. this is going to be WAY better ebcause I can be productive around my house so I am not bored to tears, but if my feet get sore and swollen I can drop what I'm doing and put my feet up without having to answer to anyone.

I feel a great amount of relief. I dreaded going in to work because of how much my feet/legs were hurting. I was leaving early because of it all the time and frankly it was getting embarassing. This way, my boss can call in casual to cover my spot instead of having me come in only to leave early and have the branch be left short staffed. Much better for everyone all around.

That's my update!

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  1. Hi, saw your post on Ellen's face book! I like your style! I hate stupid tabloid gossip style articles too! I'm with you...who cares????

    I design T shirts, some dealing with issues, some sarcastic, some just for fun. If you feel like checking it out its here!

    I hope the rest of your pregnancy is smooth for you!



  2. I'll def check out your website! thanks Wendy!


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No my name ain't baby