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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Parking For New or Expectant Mothers

One of my BIGGEST pet peeves is when people park in the spots marked "Reserved for New or Expectant Mothers" (or something of that nature)!!! I really think that from about 5 months pregnant women should be given a parking "pass", much the same idea as a handicap permit, for these spots and that they should expire when the baby is about 1 or 1 1/2.

Recently, at Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre, while returning to my car (which was parked in one of 3 of these type of spots) I walked past an older couple (I'm talking late 50's to early 60's) coming out of their pickup truck they have parked in one of these spots. I had Britney with me so it took ALL of me to bite my tongue and NOT tell them off! Not only did they have no baby with them, but they seemed VERY able bodied! AND, if they were not "able bodied" then maybe they should talk to their doctor about a proper handicap permit.

I see it ALL the time at malls and various other places that provide these spots and it DRIVES ME NUTS!!!!!! People need to have their heads checked! It's not easy to waddle your ass from the very far end of the parking lot when you are a big preggo monster! And really? DO you think it's a very good idea to piss someone off who is RAGING with hormones???



  1. When my friend was pregnant she went to the grocery store and all the pregnancy spots were taken. She ended up parking at the other end of the lot and walking to the door. As she was passing these spots a 30 something man came out no child in tow, and not with a pregnant woman. She walked up to him and asked "So when are you due?" He got offended by her question and she proceeded to go into great detail about what it was like walking in summer heat when your 8 months pregnant and why those spots exist. I doubt he ever did it again.

  2. Good for her!!!!!!! people are such morons!!!

  3. When I was pregnant with my 2nd child I had 2 herniated discs in my back and spent all 9 months of my pregnancy in severe pain and bent over at the waist - I could not stand straight at all. Walking was extremely painful, especially since I was always with my 1.5 year old daughter. I did have a handicap placard and was able to park in handicap spots. But, if there was only one left I left it for the handicap person who was handicap permanently - not just because of pregnancy because their pain doesn't end when their baby is born. Being pregnant and in that much pain made me incredibly grateful after my son was born for the ability to walk and for being pain free. Perhaps you should count yourself lucky to be having a baby and think of others out there that aren't so lucky. You are pregnant - not handicap. At the end of 9 months you get a wonderful blessing. At the end of 9 months for a handicap person they get nothing. There is no comparison. Billions of women have been having children for years and don't need special parking spaces in order to do so. Count your blessings instead of looking for ways to complain. "If we all put our problems in a pile and saw everyone else's we would take our own back".

  4. I agree with you people are ignorant, and are using these spots when they are not suppose to be using them. The expecting spots are for that purpose expecting mothers.

    I know that personally in my pregnancy I don't have things as bad as many other women. So when I go to the mall or grocery store if there is another spot right near an expecting spot I will take that one and leave it for the next women.

    I also hate when people are just running in and figure it will be quicker to leave the car there for a minute, but it is a piss off to see some perfectly able bodied person running to their car parked in a spot that was designated for you.

    As for your comments anonymous, some of them are warranted, but others are uncalled for. Nik-Nak never said that she wanted to be called handicapped, nor did she ever say that she parked in the handicapped spots. and so be it if someone with a handicap plate is there that is fine they must have needed the sport.

    I really find your comment "You are pregnant - not handicap" upsetting because we are not saying that we are handicapped. We are saying that these stores have tried to make things slightly more accommodating for pregnant women and thank you to them. It is ignorant people that make life uncomfortable. Telling us that we should consider ourselves lucky to be having a child, that is none of your business. I don't think that Nik-Nak considers herself unlucky; this is something that she wanted. It is a blessing and she has never said in any of her blogs that she considers it otherwise.

    We do not want the spots for a handicapped person we want the spots that are clearly marked for expecting women, too have teens, and other lazy people out of them.

    Do you want a medal for not using a handicap spot when you were in fact handicapped. Because I'm sure that we could make you one.

    People like you who try make pregnant women like me and women like Nik-Nak upset, are not worth our time, screw off, and stop telling us to count our blessings because some people can't have babies. That is in fact sad that they can't, but an I suppose to walk on eggshells because some people can't have children.

  5. AMEN Nicole!!!

    I'm not saying I'm handicap at ALL!!! I'm saying I am 9 months pregnant and HUGE and since the malls thake the time to provide these spots it is a pain in the ass, when in a FULL parking lot that the people using these spots don't even deserve them! Just like Nicole, earlier in my pregnancy if there was an open spot near to the "baby-mama" spots I would take that and leave them for the next lady who might need it more.

    If you don't like my blog, don't read it...plain and simple! My child IS a blessing and IS wanted, never said it wasn't and frankly you implying that I "don't appreciate" my situation leaves me gobsmacked.

    Anyways...I stick to my ORIGINAL POINT...these spots are FOR PREGNANT WOMEN, not the person who is just "running in". If they wanted it to be for someone in a rush they would make it a "5 min time limit" spot or something like that. NO they specifically say "RESERVED for new or expectant mothers" so I EXPECT fo rthem to be available for just that! And my idea for the permit is BRILLIANT so suck and egg!

  6. It was mentioned in the post that the persons that parked in the spot were able-bodied as well. If I go to the grocery store and see a women barely able to walk and obviously ill in the spot I let it go. Something that has happened numerous times. It's when you see someone young and healthy in the spot with no kids in tow, and not pregnant that it's a piss off. I had allot of joint pain during my pregnancy and it was hard to walk some days. I also pulled 3 muscles due to the weight. I had excess fluid and a large baby and was carrying around a 43inch stomach. A close parking spot was not allot to ask.
    Some women choose not to use those spots, good for them. But those of us who chose to use the spots, and would like them available for us should not be made to feel bad for it.

  7. well said K! And as we all know from my past blogs I have also pulled various muscles due to the weight and have severe edema in my hands and legs as well as joint paint due to the edema. I don't think my request is unreasonable by any means.


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