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Friday, June 12, 2009

Update on HBC complaint

So I emailed HBC online again this morning to inform them that I have yet to be contacted by the Brantford Zellars regarding my complaint. Lo and behold, at 3:05pm today who should call? FINALLY!!! So I spoke with the store manager, who seemed fairly young (about my age I would say) and he was very apologetic. This surprised me because when I had made a complaint at the Centre Mall Zellers about their crappy service I was brushed off with a "what do you want ME to do about it" attitude from their manager.

So, anyways, the store manager apologizes and said his stomach was turning as he read the email. He said he was shocked at the poor level of service that I had recieved, not only on one but several occasions, by his staff. As a token of his regret, he has offered me a few pack of Pampers for free! I thanked him for his apology and said I would gladly accept. So tomorrow afternoon he wants me to come by the store and ask for him so he can apologize face to face and give me the diapers!

I guess something really CAN come out of these types of situations! Let's hope that the service actually improves though or I can guarantee I will be back with more complaints!

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