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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2010 - The game plan

So 2010 is upon us and I know everyone is vowing to get thin, get that job they always wanted, see the world and what not. For me? 2010 is going to be about friends and family. I want to examin burnt bridges and grudges. I want to weigh the reasons for these and see if they are more important than the relationship with each person associated with them. Life is way too short to harbour bad feelings, especially when the issues at hand are not all that inmportant in the bigger picture we call life.

Saint Jerome said "The friendship that can cease has never been real." I hate to think that I wasted time or heart on relationships that seem to have never been valuable either to myself or the other party to it.

Can we forgive and forget? Can bygones be bygones? Do we sacrafice countless years to one stupid event?

I guess we'll find out won't we?

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No my name ain't baby

No my name ain't baby