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Friday, January 8, 2010

Weight Loss progress

I am reading Jen Lancaster's "Such a pretty Fat" for the second time and have been inspired to start tracking my weight loss progress via my blog! I think having to track it on here will motivate me better!

I have a 6 month old baby and had gotten up to 222 LBS by the end of my pregnancy because I had Oedema:
oedema, edema [ɪˈdiːmə]

n pl -mata [-mətə]

1. (Medicine / Pathology) Pathol an excessive accumulation of serous fluid in the intercellular spaces of tissue
I am now 178.8Lbs and my goal weight is 135Lbs. I want to look healthy not skeletal!
I joined Spark People today which is a website that helps you track your calorie intake, fitness/ calories burned and weight lost.
I take Hip Hop with my daughter every Tuesday for 1 hour and usually do Pole Fit as well but won't be this month because taking Hip Hop instead.
Will work out at LEAST 15 mins a day (cardio), possibly longer, while baby naps.
It's time to take my body back! I will track my progress weekly starting 1 week from today! Saty tuned for updates!!!

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No my name ain't baby