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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

No more excuses.

Ok so? The weight loss thing? Going horribly. Yesterday I found out I GAINED 4 lbs!!! I have been SO negligent on the weight loss front though. Yes, I go to hip hop on Tuesdays. Horray. Yes it's a GREAT workout. However, that is pretty much ALL I do exercise wise. The winter really had me in a funk. I was feeling sorry for myself and what do we do when we feel sorry for ourselves? We eat. Well? No more. Right now I am snacking on some carrots. I am going to restart the South Beach diet this coming week and I got a 7 day free trial membership to try the local Athletic Club. The problem is? My husband doesn't like spending money. I think though this is money we are going to HAVE to spend. I need a change. I say I will exercise at home. It never happens. I need to get my ass in dear, get up early every morning and go to the gym. My body isn't going to get how I want it on it's own.

So no more excuses!
No more emotional eating!
No more fried chicken for breakfast (only once but still gross right?)
No more, no more, no more!
It's time to take charge of my body and my weight and ACTUALLY do something about it! I lost 12lbs the last time i started South Beach, so I know I can do it again!

Starting weight as of today? 182lbs. I will update MONTHLY because I say weekly, but I have 2 small kids and a very busy schedule so monthly it is.

Thanks in advance for all your support!!!
Nikki xoxo

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No my name ain't baby