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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Welcome to Cougar Town

So last night was my friend's 30th birthday celebration. We started it out at her cute new house by drinking sangria (which was frikken delish btw) and swapping stories about creepers that come into our various workplaces (of course for confidentiality we omitted their names during story time).
After the sangria was all but gone, we ventured out to a near by hole in the wall pub called Frankie's where we took part in karaoke. We were OUTSTANDING! Paparazzi were lined up down the street waiting to get an interview and fans were lined up down the otherside waiting for autographs. least in our world they were. We sang Step by Step (nkotb) and straight up (paula abdul) natch. I mean? What else should we sing but the greatest hits of all time? I didn't realize that karaoke was such a SERIOUS thing! I mean I thoroughly enjoy some karaoke don't get me wrong, but some people just think it is like their night job or something! This lady last night was in a SUIT with her luxurious 80's hair in all it's glory, singing and shakin it like it was Hollywood week on American Idol and her place in the competition depended on this very performance! Apparently there is this guy who travels across Ontario singing the same Bob Dylan song at different karaoke bars. I have to say? I have seen him perform...William Hung has more talent. Nuff said!
We then decided it was time to shake out groove thangs, so we ventured off to Jackhammers. Yowzas! There was this one group of girls dancing on the stage? Short Shorts. I'm talkin barely cover your ass shorts. In FEBRUARY! I mean if this were July I probaby wouldn't have thought too much about it, because's hot in July. People were practially having sex on the dance floor.I know, I know... blame it on the a-a-a-a-a-alcohol. But really? Is that necessary? AND THEN! The piece de resistance...a girl about my age (almost 30) up on the stage, black wife beater, pink micro mini kilt, black fishnets, big belt, black mesh gloves. Um hello? Madonna called. She wants her outfit from 1982 back please. Thanks for understanding. The best was the DJ shouting "PUT YOUR MOTHER F**KIN ALCOHOL IN THE AIR! YEA BABY!" and flashback...I was at the VIBE circa 2001. All they needed was the loveshack to make it a complete throwback. Wow.
Now I feel old. NOW I feel like a cougar. But you know what? It was SUPER fun! I was with a group of awesome broads and I would do it again!
Good times! Good to get out!

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