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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

First Day after mat leave

Today I returned to work after being off for 15 months on bed rest/mat leave/vacation.

I have to admit that my stomach was in knots and FULL of butterflies as I walked through that door. I was able to observe for the morning and by afternoon I felt confident enough to jump right in! I did GREAT! It felt good, actually, to be back at it. once I got into the swing of things and found my groove it was like old hat again!

This morning I thought it was going to be hardest to leave the baby (my husband is a teacher and therefore is off until September so he is watching the little ladies). When it came time to leave though, I said "Bye baby!" to which she replied "Baa bla goo bla PIZZA!!!" So I knew she could care less! lol The older little lady? Now THAT was a different story! She said she was "Very mad at Daddy for letting me go back to work!" But I told her that there was this stuff called food that we had all grown to love and if we wanted more of it, Mommy would haveto go to work! So naturally, being six, she understood. NOT! She ran and hid under our wing chair sulking until I left.

I did get to come home on lunch whihc was nice! I only work 3KMS away from my house so it's golden!

I did have a client (with magenta lipstick and bright orange blush) as me if I was pregnant. "NO!" I said!!! "I just got back this VERY DAY from mat leave!" to which she replyed "Oh it must be your shirt." My shirt was fitted and my "belly" was NOT poking out! some people are rude I tell ya! Moron! Oh well at least I don't wal around looking like the wife of Krusty the clown!!!

That's the long and short of it! Let's see how the rest of the week goes!!!

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No my name ain't baby