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Thursday, December 13, 2012

SO I'm a bad parent now??

Someone I know had this as her FB status today:

"The elf on the shelf is really sending our kids the wrong message. Who comes up with this shit man?"

MY family has an "Elf on the Shelf" named Ginger.

I really don't understand this person's logic. Maybe she doesn't understand the whole premise of the "Elf on The Shelf".

She goes on further to say:

"Basically is used as a spy for your kids. With good parenting none of this is needed."

What does she think we do with this elf? I am confused by her logic.

For our family, this elf is so much fun. My children LOVE waking 

up and looking to see where Ginger is today and my husband and I look 

forward to finding new hiding spots and new silly things for Ginger to do.

For us, Ginger has brought extra Christmas cheer, she has not put fear in their

 hearts but rather joy! She adds some magic and excitement to the month leading up to Christmas.

I think people need not be so judgemental. If you don't get why people would 

want to have 

an elf, maybe ask them "hey, so this elf stuff? What's that all about?" and I will 

gladly explain what it means to me and my family.

BAH Humbug to you Elf haters.

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