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Sunday, March 15, 2009


I guess it must be the GORGEOUS weather today, but I am CRAVING daquiris BIG TIME! Being that I'm pregnant, however, it seems to be frowned upon. Something about alcohol and pregnancy = not good. Now I KNOW technically I could have a virgin...but let's face it...I didn't get in my "condition" by being a virgin type of lady! That being said...NO...I didn't opt for the rum based beverage. I would rather wait until I can safely have a proper daquiri, then have a virgin one...which by the way is basically just a Strawberry smoothie. So ...le sigh...I guess I'll have to wait and make sure Steve has a daquiri ready and waiting for me the second the baby makes it's appearance.

Hmmm, wonder what the hospital staff would think on that one?

lol...dreams...yes...I dream big I know.

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No my name ain't baby

No my name ain't baby