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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I just feel the need!

So I've been reading my friend Justin's blog, and I decided that I need one too. Why? Well, really? Because there are too many stupid people and too many stupid thing that I observe on a daily basis NOT to share with y'all.

My first point of business: I am 26 weeks pregnant and about to FREAK on the next person that tells me I'm "quite large for 26 weeks". ALL of these people? Strangers! Mostly clients at my work. What the HELL is wrong with you people?? When you later ask if I am having twins and I say "NO!" don't ask "Are you sure??". No I'm not're right, the three ultrasounds I've had where they've told me it's ONE healthy baby, are probably ALL wrong! YES! Yes i'm quite fekkin sure! Really though? Who in their right mind tells a complete stranger they are "quite large"? Just because I am pregnant you feel it gives you free reign on my body for commenting? NO!!! Would you walk up to a non prego who was "quite large" and tell THEM? No, no ya wouldn't! I've decided I am going to Karate Kid the next assface that comments on my size.

Also? There's no touching! Unless you know me? You should NOT feel free to rub my belly. I don't care how "cute" or "precious" you think it looks! you won't think I'm so cute or precious when you have my boot up your ass, now will you? Give your heads a shake. Seriously? Seriously. next time I pass a random bald man, should I shine his head? What makes you think these actions differ from one another?

A pre-warning, when I finally have my baby, and you pass me at the mall, or on the street, or wherever? DON'T TOUCH MY BABY! I don't know you. I don't know where you stank ass hands have been. Don't pass your infections on to my child because they are "Too gorgeous NOT to touch"!!! Get a grip people, just GET A GRIP!!!

So that's my first entry for now! I'm sure there will be more to come. Does this crap bug you too, or am I alone on this? Let me know k?

Peace :)


  1. OMG Girl - I am in stitches!! Haha!! To answer your question though - I must admit that at the height of my weight issues, I used to get people coming up to me on a REGULAR, rubbing my belly and telling me I'm glowing and asking me how far along I am (FYI - all the weight I gained seemed to go directly to my stomach, making it look like I could be pregnant, but DEFINITELY not far enough along for someone to ASSUME I WAS!!) - Ullgh - needless to say - although I've never been PG, I can feel your's like, unless you know me...who are you to say I'm 'quite large' - REALLY who does that?? Being PG and raging with hormones...SERIOUSLY!!! WTF!!??

  2. THANK-YOU!!! I'm glad I have someone to back me up on this issue. People are just down right fuckin RUDE!!!

    I didn't have a big belly pre prego but I did have a little "leftover" pudge from my first. Anytime I would wear a baby doll shirt? "Ohhhhhh how nice! When are you expecting?" Like even if I WAS prego at that point...same like you wouldn't have been enough to be obvious! BACK THE F OFF PEOPLE! I always respond "expecting WHAT!?!" that usually gets a red face and a run away...from those who are REALLY thick headed though I get "Your baby of course!" To which I would reply "four years ago." With a "you moron" look added.


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