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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wal-mart Photo Lab makes my boycot list!

The last four orders we have done at Wal-mart photolab have come out wrong. First they made 4 photo CDs and charged us for them without asking me if I wanted them. I had to FIGHT to get my money back. She "totally remembered me asking for them." I think not. Then the next time I did ask for the discs and one came out blank. Brought that back they said they'd re-do it? STILL came back wrong! Then I ordered our photo Christmas cards and they came out landscape instead of portrait and cut off half the photo. When I went in to complain they said it was my fault! They said however you order them is how they are printed. Even though I printed out the preview of the order and how it looked when I sent it and it was SO not how they came out...STILL my fault! So? I got my money back, re-ordered the cards through Black's even though they are 80 cents more per pic and wrote a complaint to head office. I will update you on the sitch when they contact me back.

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No my name ain't baby